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Lift Yourself By Lifting Others

How do we become more successful as a society? I believe by being willing to help one another. To not be selfish with knowledge and resources. I'm not talking about socialism, I'm talking about helping one another to stand and build for a brighter future. Knowledge and resources have great power when backed by action to use that knowledge and resources in a way that empowers and inspires. Just as Peter Park's (Spider-Man) Uncle Ben once famously quoted "with great power comes great responsibility." This is be directly tied into knowledge and resources as well. With great knowledge and resources comes great responsibility. Responsibility of the great knowledge and resource holder is to share this greatness with others to empower and inspire to ensure prosperity throughout the our world and beyond. Yes, I do mean beyond this word! I'm kind of a space geek and I truly feel like humans has to leave Earth and colonies other planets and galaxies, it's in our DNA to explore the unknown.

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