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Success Tid-Bit #12


Hate is too Great a Burden to Bear. Hate requires more energy, hate wears down on us rather your realize it or not. Love empowers us, love lifts us up to greater heights. So which one would choose to share love or hate? As for me I spent a part of my life carrying around hate and resentment in my heart towards my father, my mother, my ex-wife, people whom wronged me in my past. But, what I realized is that holding that hate and not choosing to forgive held me back from my truest potential. I had to forgive to relinquish and purge my heart of all the hate.

Here is something that you may or may not already know. Forgiveness is not for the other person to feel better and move one, it is a gift to yourself so that he or she are able to release that break on their progress and life and move forward. So when it comes time to forgive someone for wronging you, look at it as this forgiveness is releasing you from the mental block that this person have on you even though you may not even realize the restraint. I'm sure we all feel just a bit lighter when we truly forgive someone.

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