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Success Tid-Bit #18: Self-Made


Are you in a place in your mental development where you can honestly look back on your life and admit to yourself everything that you have or have not accomplished those far is self-made? More importantly lets focus on being able to accept that it is our own doing if we are not where we would like to be at this time in our lives. We so often tend to point the finger at everything and everyone else to explain why we haven't accomplished what we would like should have accomplished. I suggest taking a little time out of your day and start taking personal inventory on all that you are and all that you would like to become. Take personal inventory of your fails and procrastinations, than own them so that you can learn from them and change them. Denzel Washington made a very famous comment in his movie Fences, while talking to his son he made baseball reference to life that we all have to take the crookeds with the straights. This means that we have to ownership of the fails just as much as we take ownership of the success in our lives. So are you Self-Made?

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