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Success Tid-Bit #6: Enhance Your Vision


When you look at yourself what do you see? When looking in a mirror do your best to see yourself where you want to be vice where you currently are. The purpose of creating a vision board is to project ideas of what you want to achieve throughout your life in your subconscious mind. You're not putting on a vision board images what you currently have or what you current look like.

So we have to take this idea and apply it to all aspects of our lives. For me I had an issue embracing the individual uniqueness of my children. I had a vision for my kids that they did not share for themselves. My vision of them was that they where still my little babies and not the brave and smart young adult teenagers that are becoming. Through some pride swallowing and lots of arguments with my son I had to back off from being the over bearing dad trying to protect his baby from the world and see him as a young man who's becoming into his own. I was so busy trying to prepare the road for my kids by removing all dangers and barriers, when I should have been focusing more on preparing my kids for the road by teaching what to do when dangers and barriers present themselves.

In short, see the the potential in all people and things vice their current short comings. Try this way of seeing things and you will be amazed at the results that you'll get. In regards to my children, I was truly amazed at what they where capable of accomplishing when dad let go a little.

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