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Success Tid-Bit #9


Directing our energies in the proper way is pivotal part to our success. All of us are self-made and rather we are truly getting out of life what we want all depends on where we focus our energy. To be a better father you have to focus energy towards becoming a better father. For example, buy books on fatherhood, seek out other men who are doing a great job and pick their brain. When you redirect your energy to become a better father you will manifest the very thing that you focus your energy towards and in this case becoming a better father. However, none of this will happen over night it will take time and persistence. As long as you stick to it those around you will notice the change and improvements as you develop. Use this method towards any and all endeavors in which you so choose to undertake. If you want a better life shift you energy towards developing that better life and persevere through the tough times.

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