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Success Tid-Bit #17: Accept. Embrace. Celebrate!


Les Brown once said that "life is short and unpredictable, eat you dessert first."

This a very true and strong statement. So often we all, definitely including myself, put off things until tomorrow that we should do today. However, tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. If there's something that you been wanting to do or something that you know you should do, than do yourself a favor and get it done. Typically it makes me feel so good after I have completed a task that I have put off. Not sure why but a feeling euphoria washes over me as soon as I complete a task. What drives me to complete tasks is the reward of that euphoric feeling. What drives you to get a task completed and do you also get a feeling of euphoria at the completion of a task or am I just a weirdo that gets amazing satisfaction after completing a task?

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