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The Price Of Anything Is The Amount Of Life You Exchange For It


Henry David Thoreau a very famous author who wrote the book on Civil Disobedience.

I decided to share this quote because it reigns true in all of our lives rather we agree or disagree. In a non-stop ever-changing world such as ours, we are always having to shift our focus to the next most important thing. While we are doing that we are pricing the importance of one thing over the next. Such as if you choose to spend your time watching TV verse securing your financial future (assuming it's not already secured) through developing ways to increase your income, learning an important skill, developing a new product, helping your children with homework, etc. Than the price will be the amount of time (life) you have spent on that couch and it will be very costly in your future. So all in all make sure you spend your time wisely, follow your purpose and give some of your life to the ones you love because tomorrow isn't promised.

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